The academic year of the school is divided into 2 terms.
First Term - (April to Sept)
Second Term - (October to March)

Examination & Promotion

No formal examination from Nursery to Class II.

Class I to X students will be assessed through Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by the school itself. This evaluation intends to provide holistic profile of the learner through evaluation of both Scholastic & Co-Scholastic areas "Spread over two terms during academic year".

Each term will have two Formative Assessments & one summative Assessment for evaluation.

The Summative Assessment (SA) is the terminal assessment of performance.

The Formative Assessment (FA) will be tested through quizes, conversations, interviews, oral testing, visual testing, projects, practicals & assignments.

The weight age of Formative Assessment (FA) and Summative Assessment (SA) will be as follow:

First Term FA1 - 10%
  FA2 - 10%
  SA1 - 30%
Second Term FA3 - 10%
  FA4 - 10%
  SA2 - 30%

The evaluation will be in the form of grades as detailed below:

Marks Range Grade
91 - 100 A1
81 - 90 A2
71 - 80 B1
61 - 70 B2
51 - 60 C1
41 - 50 C2
33 - 40 D
21 - 32 E1
20 & below E2

For Classes III to VII Open Book Tests (OBTs) are conducted every month.
A student who remains absent from an examination for any reason shall not be examined later.

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