The school housed in Gujarkhan Campus is spread over an area of 2.2 acres. The sprawling lush green lawns, rows of plants, blooming flowers and grand school building speak volumes about the care that is being taken to make the school an aesthetic marvel. The entire ambience of school is student friendly.


Library is truly called the soul of any educational institution. It not only gives a source of recreation to the students but also develops their inner mental capabilities and enlightens them about the latest developments. It is well stocked with books from India as well as abroad.
It is fully equipped with audio/visual aids for teaching and learning. Library periods are provided to each class so that students develop the habit of reading, learning and consulting reference books.

Computer Lab

The School has excellent and well equipped labs for all the required subjects to strengthen the teaching learning processes, identification of minimum essential competencies and ideas for promoting creativity and excellence amongst the learners.
Basic computer literacy is important for success in every field of life. It is therefore vital for children to understand how to use computer from a very young age. The school provides computer education from Class LKG onwards. The computer labs are equipped with computers of latest technology. Computer aided learning is provided to the students from LKG to XII std.

Chemistry Lab

The school has separate Chemistry lab which is properly ventilated, spacious and airy. It is well equipped with ultra modern equipments. There is proper heating arrangement with a gas plant installed. Required Chemicals are always available in the lab and provided to students according to the requirement. The lab helps the students in developing practical skills and analytic approach.

Math Lab

The lab equipped with large collection of Charts, Models (few working models), Geometry box, various Maths manual to explain activities with paper cutting method. It also provides audio-visual demonstration in certain experiments related to Maths, we have a latest projector in the lab.

Physics Lab

Physics lab is equipped with large collection of experimental charts, framed portraits of Physicist and related equipment for conducting experiments on fluids, optics, current, electricity, sound, semiconductors, magnetism and thermodynamics etc. To provide audio-visual demonstration in certain experiments related to Physics, we have a latest projector in the lab.

Biology Lab

The institution has well equipped, spacious and airy Biology lab, where the students can acquaint themselves with the biological world. The presented specimens, permanently prepared slides, help to enhance student’s knowledge.

Math Lab

The Mathematics Lab has been set up, where the student practically work out theorems and mathematical problems. Project work is assigned to the students of all age group.

Science Labs

Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs have been provided with the modern amenities and the latest equipment with apparatus, gadgets etc. to cater to the needs of the students.

Kinder Gardern

The Nursery section is very colorful and attractive. The tiny tots learn cheerfully and meaningfully without burden. Children are encouraged to explore the environment around them. Activities are designed to develop their skills and promote their sensorial development. The rooms are equipped with educational toys decorated in good taste and present a cheerful atmosphere.


The school has its own buses which are manned by drivers and conductors, who have been provided mobile phones for better communication and efficiency. The buses have a designated teacher-in-charge for supervision and monitoring.

Music Room

Guru Nanak International Public School has well furnished Music Room.

Art & Craft Room

Guru Nanak International Public School has well furnished Art Room.

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