Physics Lab

A spacious physics lab is fully equipped with all the latest lab apparatuses,3-D charts and equipments for conducting experiments. Their theoretical knowledge is put into practice by performing experiments under the guidance of qualified teachers. The experiments are carried out with minute details here. The entire functioning is done as per standardized safety norms.

Chemistry Lab

Lab-work is an integral part of learning Science. The Chemistry laboratory is a place the students love to visit to perform experiments. The school provides its students a state of the art chemistry lab to nurture their interests in learning the subject with practical approach. The laboratory is well-lit and well-ventilated. We have the exhaust fans working continuously. The lab is well - equipped in quantity and quality of instruments and apparatus. Every individual student's need is catered to. They work independently under the supervision of the teachers and the lab assistant. Each student is provided with separate Bunsen burner and apparatus for their quick and uninterrupted performance.To cater to the safety norms , we have fire-extinguishers in and around the lab and proper exit and evacuation plan in case of an emergency.

Biology Lab

Equipped with all the latest scientific instruments required for the effective teaching of biology. It has an array of charts conveying various topics and number of preserve specimens of plants and animals which make a lab an interesting place.Here, there hidden world of biology is explored by the students under the guidance of able teachers through microscopes and slides.

Computer Lab

'A computer lab with the latest hardware & software'.

"Computer Learning is a need, not an option."

Information Technology has brought the world closer, bringing revolutionary changes in the way we communicate and work, so it is vital for all the students to have basic knowledge of I.T, which is imparted to all the students.

As Years pass by, we are becoming more and more technology savvy. In order to be ready with a new gamut of innovations, IT has been introduced for Classes IX and X Students.IP in XI and XII provides an opportunity for computer enthusiasts to enhance and sharpen their skills in order to have a successful career ahead.

Maths Lab

To create fascination, love and interest for Maths among the students and to reinforce their learning, the school has a Maths lab where students learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using different material which develops their analytical and logical thinking. The school also has a Maths lab where various activities foster love for Maths among children.

The tools for learning range from a simple abacus, charts down to a three-dimensional models of shapes and geometrical figures. Our maths faculty toils to impart arithmetic skills to ennoble our students, to be sharp in the numerical calculations. Every week, we have group recitations of multiplication tables done by students in unison. Due care is taken by the teaching staff to sharpen the taught in numerics. Weekly assignments and project works assigned make our students overhauled with the subject knowledge and make them competent enough to sit and face any competitive exam for entry in higher education in the near future.

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